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Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:18 am
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Bruce Wilkinson

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This topic includes info on various topics related to 8x8 nodes - microphone, analog and AES.

SYNC light on front display will not hold
This indicates that the node is not able to lock onto a clock source. This is because there is no master clock or a network roblem (not properly configured network switch)
-check network switch config
-verify that there is a node assigned a "clock priority" value greater than 0 on the network

No Meters are displayed on the "meters" http page
These meters require Java. Make sure Java is installed on the PC being used to display the node's web pages.

Audio from a node sounds bad. The meters on the web page show audio. The meters on the front display are not present.
This indicates a problem with the source packet. This can be due to two devices producing data on the same multicast channel (source channel number) or also could be due to network problems. If the data is passing through a trunk cable that is heavily used (a lot of data, over 50%) data could be getting dropped. Note that the meters on the front display will show activity if the data is valid. The meters on the web page may show activity, but this does not show valid data is actually being received.

Sometimes, on a small network, you may get output from a noode but it has drop-outs and is just not "quite right". Check the clock (master/sync) to make sure your node is getting or generating Livewire clock. See item on sync above

Facts about Livewire Clocking
Internally, the Axia Livewire clock is always operating at 48Khz.

If synchronizing the Axia clock master node to external AES IN sync, it can only be 48Khz Grade 1 reference, which is 48000 Hz+/- 1ppm.

Configuring the Axia clock master to synchronize the Livewire timebase to AES IN sync, and then applying AES IN at 44.1Khz is a misconfiguration, and will cause the equipment to malfunction. This will cause the PLL in the clock master node to rail all the way to one side, and may cause the Sync light of the receiving nodes to flash continually. This can be the root cause of observed SYNC light flashing. Again, the Livewire master clock node can only be synchronized to a 48Khz AES input

The AES outputs of any node can be synchronized to any AES input frequency whatsoever, but the core LW rate always remains 48Khz.

Sharable Sources
Element v2.0 software supports full sharing of sources, including those with backfeeds. An interlock prevents multiple consoles from sending simultaneous backfeeds or logic commands. Element shows the user the owner of the source in this case, so that it can be released. When a source is selected and has Backfeed enabled or Logic port (GPIO) enabled and another user attempts to select the same source elsewhere with the same settings enabled, an ‘x’ will appear where the channel number is shown, indicating the source is in Listen Only mode. Listen Only Mode allows auditioning of source audio, but no backfeed or GPIO control is generated.

Element v1.x software does not have this Listen Only mode, and allocated every source. The only way to share a source was to set sources as “shareable”, but this defeated the interlock that prevented multiple Elements from sending Backfeed and GPIO.

So with Smart Source Sharing implemented in Element v2.0, it is no longer necessary to set audio sources as “Sharable” using the settings contained on the Audio Node HTTP pages, and this software update sets all new sources as “non-sharable” by default. The option field is kept in the HTTP pages for compatibility with clients still running Element v1.x.
We recommend that you set all Node “Sharable” fields to “No” after upgrading to Element 2.0.

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