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Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:27 am
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Is it possible to use one stereo input to the IQ Core and have two outputs?
For example I have a analog input to the Core with different audio sources to both left and right. I'd like to have two "Mono" sources appearing on the console - one with the audio from the left input and the second with separate audio on the right.
I've tried using Analog 6 with the signal mode set for left. And another using Analog 6 input with signal mode set for right. Using this apparently wrong method I get a USEDEW notice on the second channel.
Anyway around this? Question

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Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:04 am
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Axia Team

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Hello David!

Yes there is a "solution" to the problem you have identified. First, allow me to breakdown the problem.

Source profiles assigned to a fader channel are associated with the source. Either the source be a network stream (say for example Livewire channel 401) or in your case the physical input Analog 6 of the QOR. These inputs are 2-channel. So yes there is the option to define a Source profile for Analog 6 Left and a different profile for Analog 6 Right, these two profiles are still Analog 6. Why does it matter? If the console is suppose to create a mixminus or if the console is to have logic for said source... we have a conflict if two instances of source Analog 6 are loaded. I'm going to assume your Analog 6 is a satellite receiver where it can be common to find two mono sources. In the case of SAT RX, you don't need a mix- (we call them backfeeds) and thus you wouldn't have created a source profile that generates a backfeed (these would be Codec or Phone source profiles in the QOR). What is common with all source profiles is Logic though. By default each source profile has some inherited logic profile based on the source type. With the SAT RX source, you may have defined the type as Line... and here lies the problem. When you load the first instance of Analog 6, this enables Logic for said source and you could assign a GPIO port to Analog 6 and the GPIO port would follow this inherited GPIO logic. Loading the second instance of Analog 6 brings up the source in a "Listen only mode", meaning you get the audio of the source and the Logic for this source profile is not enabled (because logic is already engaged for Analog 6). The display indicates that the source is loaded else where, as you stated. I'm assuming you don't need logic for a SAT RX source anyway and you just want to eliminate this warning on the display. This can be done by disabling Logic in the two source profiles (which is enabled by default). Edit both source profiles and you will see near the bottom a Logic port field with a drop down. The default is Exclusive mode. Disabled option would defeat the issue and the shared mode will permit two source profiles to share logic port. I assume you simply need to select Disable in both and reload the two source profiles.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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